The Yarrows Heritage Trust excavated at Thrumster Broch, Caithness, from┬áMonday 4th to Sunday 24th July with the expert guidance of AOC Archaeology Group. This project was part of the CBA’s Festival of British Archaeology 2011.

The site is located in the grounds of Thrumster Mains, and is an apparently solid-walled roundhouse similar to other brochs in the area, located on a prominent spur of land close to the nationally important archaeological landscape of Yarrows.

Thrumster Broch Bicentenary

The Thrumster broch is one of many sites in Caithness to have been excavated in the 19th century, although no accurate or detailed records survive. The interior of the roundhouse was emptied of rubble over 200 years ago, and a summer house built in the area of the broch entrance.

The 2011 excavations had three main research objectives:

I.What remains of in-situ archaeological deposits in the broch itself?

II. Did the antiquarian investigation destroy the entrance to the broch or do vestiges remain?

III. What features, buildings or deposits survive around the broch?

Go to the Dig Diary to see the results of our excavations.

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